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Pokemon and Powerhouses

Welcome, Friend! This blog is.... just stuff I like. Mostly Pokemon! You'll also see layers of Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basuke, some Free!, DBZ, Disney, and on occasion something else. Video game stuff too. Like various Otome. And Fire Emblem. If you like this stuff too, please enjoy! Thanks~!
Jul 23 '14
Koh Ohtani - A Violent Encounter ~Battle With the Colossus~ (Shadow of the Colossus OST)

A Violent Encounter (Battle With the Colossus) - Shadow of the Colossus

Jul 23 '14

Make me choose

Anomymous asked: Levi or Eren

Jul 22 '14
Jul 20 '14
Cinema Staff - Great Escape


Great Escape (music box version) - Cinema Staff 


Jul 20 '14


We all need to appreciate Morgan in his mommy’s coat

Jul 20 '14
kazoo-goddess - Kazoo Emblem


In light of the recent announcement for Smash Bros., this seemed fitting.

Jul 15 '14

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 9

Levi cuts

(Source: iranichan)

Jul 14 '14

"The birds broke through their shells to soar through the skies, not to crawl on the ground without dignity, right?
So what do you have wings for? The sky in your cage is far too narrow, isn’t it?”

Jul 14 '14

I like this promo image from the Pokemon official twitter


I like this promo image from the Pokemon official twitter

Jul 10 '14
Ultra Souls - What's this?


Heck yes full version is here!!! O(≧▽≦)O

I’ve been waiting for this!!! I really love all the songs in this game!!! I can’t wait for their solo songs!!!